Find out what you really want

What if you had it all?

Imagine you have just won the lottery and you never needed to work a day in your life again, what would you do? How would you spend your time? I think you’ll find that you don’t really need much cash to get what you really want. When you are experiencing a day, you are having loads of moments made up of smaller moments and its all about how you feel in these moments. Whatever your bank balance is won’t make you feel any different when you’re laughing with a friend. If your rich you can buy things that make you happy, eat expensive food that makes you happy, but that’s what the end goal is for everything, to feel happy. So find out what you really need to make yourself feel happy and work towards removing all the obstacles stopping you and make the changes you need.

Change things

Hate your job? Do everything you can to do something different. It’s not too late. If you didn’t go to university or you studied the wrong course, you can change that now. Always wanted to travel but went straight into a career? It’s not too late. There are two things that will happen if you take active steps to change something about your life. Firstly, if you stick to your new plan of studying for a new skill, or saving for enough money to take a chance abroad, you will eventually get what you want. Secondly, and much more importantly, in the short term you will be happier. You will see yourself getting closer to change and this will effect your mood on a day to day basis. Passing an exam, seeing the bank balance grow, it will only motivate you to stick to your plan and make sure the change you are reaching for actually happens.

You are still you

It doesn’t matter where you go or what you’re doing, you will always be you. The only difference between you today and you tomorrow is how you are feeling inside. You are the only person who properly knows yourself so don’t let anyone else decide what’s best for you. If you think it’s best to quit your job and move to Spain, just do it. People will tell you you’re right and others will say you’re wrong, but who is anyone to tell anyone what to do? You might make the wrong decision and regret trying something risky, but you won’t have to live with the thought of ‘what if?’ and whatever happens, close your eyes and you’re in the same place as yesterday and every day. You are always in the same place in your mind so do what you like and decide what you do.

Every day is another yesterday

Lastly, if you are hesitant about making a decision just remember that we only ever experience the now. Yesterday and tomorrow don’t really exist, they are fake. If you make a good decision, great! if you make a bad one, it will be yesterday soon so don’t worry about it.